January 23, 2017


     In today’s world, it is difficult for businesses to set themselves apart from the pack. One way your company can make a great first impression with consumers is by having a captivating logo. Your logo says a lot about your brand: the color, design, size, and concept all affect a consumer’s perception of your company.


     Colors send signals to people without them even realizing it. Blue has a calming effect, stable, and steadfast; yellow promotes cheerful, upbeat, and happy feelings. As you can imagine, selecting the right colors for your logo could make or break your entire brand perception when a consumer catches a glance. The subliminal messages that color gives off makes it a crucial part of your logo.


     Color isn’t the only design characteristic that affects how consumers view and feel about your brand. Shape, size, typography, and style all help paint your brand image to your consumer. Sharp edges and geometric designs imply strength, structure, and organization while flowing, circular, and organic figures and shapes promote the opposite. Creating a logo with both geometric and organic shapes might confuse the consumers perception of your brand. The same goes for adding text to your logo; there should be a flow of style between the font you choose and the shape of your logo.

     Crafting the perfect logo for your brand should be a thoughtful process. Take into consideration the color, size, shape, typography and design elements when sitting down and putting pen to paper to begin sketching out drafts. For additional information, look at the infographic below, produced by Canadian plastic-card maker Colourfast, to assess whether or not your logo is portraying your company appropriately.

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