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Conscious Millenniall


June 2018

Enlightened. Illuminated. Clairvoyant. Call it what you want, but there is a very different way of looking at world that The Conscious Millenniall would like you to see. One where Truth, Positivity, and Connectivity run rampant and can show you how to love this blessing of a life you live. If you're seeking inspiration, motivation, positivity, a new perspective on something, or anything in between, this is your go-to page on Instagram. Check them out! @theconsciousmillenniall



May 2018

As one of the most reputable practices in the Manhattan area, Manhattan Internal Medicine Associates, P.C. saw an opportunity to increase patient experience and streamline appointment processes through digital mediums. We were proud to partner with Manhattan Medicine in the development of their new website... the logo was just the cherry on top. If you are ever in need of a primary care doctor, specialist, or any other healthcare services in the concrete jungle, check out their website...

Manhattan Medicine
X8 Currency


April 2018

The cryptocurrency realm is a constantly changing landscape that is breaking boundaries through the innovation provided by blockchain technology. In this rapidly growing industry, X8 Currency prides itself on being the the rock of stability to hedge the against the constant variability that is ubiquitous in financial markets, global exchanges, and emerging technologies. Bloom Social is assisting X8 in their journey to educate crypto investors by utilizing several social media channels. 


March 2018

As a leader in the industry of fishing tackle, Lucky Tackle Box knows a thing or two about delivering value to their subscribers in the form of a monthly box of baits! Bloom Social is partnered with Lucky Tackle Box in their efforts to expand their brand presence through powerful and precise marketing combined with an all-star influencer program. If you're looking to get the best tackle delivered to you monthly to quench your fishing obsession, this is the box for you!

Lucky Tackle Box
Soca Blue


March 2018

Sustainable is sexy. SOCABLUE is where style meets consience, without sacrificing luxury. SOCABLUE's suits are consciously created with Vita Carvico Italian fabrics, which are 100% regenerated from post-consumer materials, and also include recycled fabric scraps from a special take-back program with Speedo USA. Bloom Social takes pride in representing clients who not only care about their business passions, but also place great importance on sustainable business practices.


February 2018

Do you live your own brand? We sure hope so...
Your personal brand is your life, the things you do, your character, maybe your career, the things your passionate about, but most importantly your brand is a representation of your story. Your past, your present, & your future. Introducing our friend, Trey Coke. A fourth year dental student, humanitarian, street-wear style connoisseur, and fitness enthusiast. Get to know Trey on Instagram, @tjcoke!

Dental Practice Marketing


February 2018

With three decades of expertise in dentistry, Hawley Dental Associates is the premier family dental practice serving the Lutz community since 1991. Whether it's preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, or more advanced procedures, Hawley Dental's team is fully equipped to tend to patient needs for restore optimal dental health. Bloom Social looks to further enhance the practice's local presence by implementing effective and consistent social marketing and SEO.


December 2017

Downtown Orlando is home to many bars but only one Saddle Up. There's just something about this All American bar that keeps people on their toes! Whether it's a night out during the week or rendezvousing with your friends at Sunday Funday, there's always something going on. Bloom Social is proudly partnered with Saddle Up in promoting why they're the spot to be at in downtown Orlando. What're you waiting for? Grab a cold one & Saddle Up To Something!

Bar and Restaurant Marketing
Real Estate Digital Marketing


November 2017

If you're looking for a luxury home in the greater Orlando area, you came to the right place! Stirling International Real Estate combines a bevy of experience with true tenacity when it comes to helping their clients buy or sell luxury properties in Florida. As a key partner in many promising development projects, Stirling International Real Estate is a sure-fire winner if you are seeking a custom or brand new house to make your home!


October 2017

Ever wonder what it would be like to live the life of the rich and famous? Ask a Drunkmillionaire. They won't tell you, they'll show you. We help take this luxury experience and showcase it on social media for others to live vicariously through. With such a high pace and exciting lifestyle, it's a pleasure to capture this legacy in action. It's a high society with low sobriety, but certainly one that will show you everyday is a blessing.

Realtor Social Media Agency


October 2016

When you are spending day and night creating your products for potential customers, it can be very taxing to handle all of the marketing for your brand as well. We helped Collette Collective reshape her brand image to better fit her target market's perception, designed a new marketing strategy to help permeate the market quicker, and used social media marketing to increase reach per promotion and drive sales home like Barry Bonds. Batter up!



September 2017

There are few places that social media doesn't reach and there are few industries which social marketing hasn't touched yet. Social marketing has begun to permeate the real estate industry in ways realtors, brokers, buyers, and sellers never imagined. We're helping Morton Tate & Co. get ahead of the curve by building the brand on social media to showcase the business's exceptional real estate services and portfolio of estates.


July 2016

The power of social media marketing nowadays is not to be underestimated. This client's target market was optimal for using social media as a way to market their business. We spearheaded a marketing campaign on multiple media platforms and produced exponential growth in customer volume each month leading to one of their most profitable years since opening. Let the power of social media work for you!


June 2016

A long time friend had a very simple goal of driving organic growth with social media to build a loyal following for his company. Bloom Social designed a unique way to infiltrate the target market and helped his brand craft an identity that would set it apart as a niche competitor within the industry. This company is now the leader within that niche and has continued to grow rapidly while grabbing market share and building sales volume.

Reel Filletz
March 2016

As a start up, you are often looking to establish your company identity through a couple mediums. After this company developed their vision, Bloom Social helped them design the perfect logo that matched the company's mission statement: providing a documented, traceable experience of individual human journeys from birth, to the end of their legacy. Bloom Social continues to work with them on their upcoming marketing launch.

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