Mikhel Patel

Director of Business Development

Mikhel graduated with bachelor degrees in both Finance and Economics from the University of Central Florida. He then honed his industry research and forecasting skills in both professional and entrepreneurial roles. His experience in an international setting is invaluable to Bloom Social as the company strives to serve clients with a variety of perspectives and needs regardless of location. As the Director of Business Development, Mikhel not only emphasizes growth in Bloom Social's current markets, but is continually challenging and seeking out niches where social marketing is permeating into.

Favorite Brand: Adidas

Hobbies: Soccer, Traveling, and Music

Favorite Album: Illmatic

Fun Fact: Has traveled to 18 countries and is fluent in Gujarati

Mantra: "If it was easy, everyone would do it."

Lakewood, Colorado

(303) 563-9223

Orlando, Florida

(407) 906-3182

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