March 19, 2018


It’s not enough anymore to simply create an account on Instagram and start taking photos to share expecting your brand to flourish. To be successful on this platform, content marketers must tailor their content to take advantage of the channel’s strengths, from hashtags and Stories to advertising and live video.


Let’s begin.


Key Hashtags


When developing your hashtag strategy for your Instagram campaign you will have the option of choosing between branded and community hashtags.


Branded hashtags are unique to your company and are the easiest way for people who are already familiar with your brand to find out more about it. Branded hashtag examples from Lululemon, which has over 2.3M followers includes #thisisyoga.



Community hashtags are commonly used or created by users to follow a topic, interest, or other identifiable theme. In the example below by FSSWorldwide you can the use of community hashtags like #bboy #bgirl #bboying, etc. These hashtags are more broad and meant to reach a much wider audience.

TIP: Instagram limits users to 30 hashtags per post.

ADDED BONUS: We suggest researching your own hashtags, however for a quick and temporary fix Display Purposes generates a list containing the most relevant, existing hashtags.

Engaging and Dynamic Stories


With the introduction of Instagram Stories, you can become more transparent and engaged with your audience now more than ever. Stories are deleted after 24 hours from the top of the feed, however, last year Instagram added a way for stories to be pinned to your profile. Your Stories are now automatically saved to your archives allowing you to pick and choose when you want to share them again.


Instagram stories are essential to your growth because they allow your profile to be in the eyes of your audience more than once a day. The more times your audience sees your brand = the more familiar your brand will become.

The strategy is simple. Post a series of images and make a call to action inviting people to you view more on your website.


TIP: The swipe-up feature is available to business profiles who has at least 10,000 followers!


Proper Instagram Live Execution


Nowadays, a majority of people prefer to watch live video from a brand than read a blog. With our best interest in mind, Instagram has given us the ability to do live video to make sure our brands show ups and stand out in Stories feeds and the explore section. Which is crucial for expanding your brand to new audiences.


Going live with your brand on Instagram can be great for big events, announcements, etc. Essentially anything you are participating in you can broadcast to your audience.

Versatile Instagram Ads


Ads are brands ways to utilize Instagram’s massive user base. With a plethora of options to choose from these ads can be used for calls to actions such as:

-        Book now

-        Download

-        Play game

-        Watch more

-        Contact us

-        Apply now

-        Install now

-        Learn more


Instagram has made these ads very user friendly with striking resemblance to other non-ad posts. Also, they allow you to deliver full-screen ads.


Instagram Business reports that retargeting campaign reached more than 243,000 people and achieved a 3.9 multiple return on the ad spend.



Instagram is the ultimate channel for brands to showcase their content customized for its followers to spike their interest. Whether it is a branded or community hashtag, a Story offering behind the scenes visuals, live video, or ads designed to attract buyers not scare them away, your brand could always be utilizing Instagram more effectively. For more information about how grow your brand BLOOM on Instagram contact us today!

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