March 30, 2018


The frustrating Millennial...often described as lazy, unfocused and hard to please. Yet they make up almost 77 million people currently on social media in the US. Perhaps even more mind boggling is this: The consulting firm, Accenture, found that millennials will spend $1.4 trillion annually by 2020. This makes dealing with Millennials in the digital marketing realm a necessity, not a choice. So how do you capture the attention of a generation built on instant gratification?

Screen Media Group is an innovation and disruption agency helping Latino and Hispanic Companies entering the US market. The Digital Media Specialist and CEO at Screen Media Group, Neron Meiler, stated, "Millennials are just like any other group of consumers. The only difference is that millennials respond to marketing in different ways than previous generations. This is because of the rise of online shopping, social media, and an overall sense of immediacy."


This lets us know that Millennials can be marketed to effectively, with one caveat. They don’t think like the other consumers you market to. So don’t be afraid to change it up! Here are a couple of tips and strategies to help you capture the attention of this elusive generation.



Millennials have everything they could ever want from the comfort of their sofa. The age of easily accessible media has created a culture in which there is no time to waste; movies, music, food, friends, they are all a finger tap away. So in order to appeal to Millennials, make sure your product or service is easily accessible and easy to understand or you may lose their attention. This includes optimizing your website for mobile devices. Make sure your website and email marketing look good on any device so that potential consumers can view them on their smartphones, which is now the standard medium for 85% of Millennials.


When advertising to these kinds of consumers, it is important to stay on top of the general sentiment of your target market. Engaging on social media makes your brand more personable, and also provides your consumers with an avenue to discuss their feedback to your brand. Staying engaged with a consumer keeps their attention as well as bolsters your brand’s reputation in the eyes of Millennials.


Be authentic & have a strong reputation

One of the most noticeable trends about Millennials is that they hate being sold to. If you go out and try and force your product on them with outdated marketing tactics such as an overly extravagant advertisement or an obnoxious, in-your-face promotion.


So how do you get around this? Millennials have an affinity for authenticity. They want to know your product works, and they rely heavily on the word of others for this information. One of the most effective way to sell to Millennials is to make sure your brand has a strong digital reputation. Positive reviews and 5 star ratings have a substantial effect on any consumer's search for goods and services, but particularly for the mind of a Millennial.

Along the same vein, Millennials also appreciate the humanization of a brand that social media provides. When a brand interacts or listens to consumers feedback or requests, this creates bonds between business and consumer, which is healthy for any brand. So don’t be afraid to mix it up. On your next Instagram post, make a poll so you can get to know your followers a little better. Polls can help to provide results to what content your followers would like to see in the future or how they liked previous content. Another good way to interact with followers is a giveaway. Giveaways allow your followers to participate in your brand’s social media and create excitement around your brand, product, or even a service.


When a consumer can simply lift their phone and find the closest 20 restaurants to view the ratings for each one online all within seconds, you can see why it is important to make sure your brand is as strong as possible in order to stand a chance. Millennials have the power of information at their fingertips, and they use it liberally.


Get creative

Millennials hate advertisements as previously stated, which makes content even more important for your marketing purposes. Content can be any sort of media you share on your social pages. For example, a video of your product being made, or an image of a satisfied consumer. The beautiful thing about content marketing is that your audience can be your distributors. If you create a unique, attention-grabbing video, image, or other form of media, your audience will distribute it to their followers or network, and your exposure will be exponential.


In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, make sure your content is also delivering value. Once you have proven to deliver value, consumers are much more likely to return to your brand for a solution in the future. Not to mention referrals to their friends or family which can have a snowball effect on your conversions!


We at Bloom Social recommend thinking outside of the box within your industry. This means you don’t have to do anything relatively groundbreaking, just different than your competitors. If you are seeing trends within your niche that everyone is doing, make your brand stand out! Zigging while others zag is key to differentiating your brand, a key fundamental of successful marketing.

Remember, Millennials are just like any other audience; if you market to them the right way with a powerful brand presence behind you, you will be successful. Follow the above tips to make sure you are optimizing your strategy when it comes to Millennials, as you do not want to miss out on such a significant portion of the digital consumer base.

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