April 26, 2018


As everyone knows, Instagram is the number one social media platform where people share their lives and discover what the rest of the world has to offer. In fact, users voluntarily discover new places, products, and experiences via brand profiles. This is nothing alarming. According to Brand Watch, people have been engaging with brands over Instagram 10x more than Facebook, 54x more than Pinterest, and 84x more than Twitter. Thus, you can see why Instagram is such a heavy hitter that must have a spot in your brand’s lineup.


Why have an Instagram? Having a strong and consistent Instagram presence is everything for a brand. Build brand awareness and form a community around your brand and you will achieve long-term organic growth. While growth is great, don’t stop there, you want your brand to stand out.


So How Is It Done?

1.    Strategy

When it comes to social media, strategy is everything. The strategy is the foundation of which your social presence is derived from and helps your brand maintain its course. Having a strong strategy will allow your audience to see what your brand stands for, eliminating any chance of your message being misconstrued. Brand strategy isn’t everything, explore what your industry already has and what it doesn’t. Look at the competition in you industry to see how your brand will differentiate from others. Finally, watch you audience under an eyeglass to see what inspires and motivates your audience. Get a better understanding of your audience and your connection with them will grow stronger.


2.    Tone & Voice

Once the brand’s strategy is clear, a tone for the account should be defined. The tone of your brand can be defined as your brand’s personality expressed through content and captions. Build a consistent voice and you will see authenticity come to life in your brand and greater loyalty from your audience. Based on your brand’s target audience, you will need to determine if your tone should be friendly, fun, inspirational, informative, etc.


3.    Page Design & Feel

Once the brand’s tone is established, the page’s design and feel have to be defined. Your page’s design and feel will visually express the tone of your page. Explore the different visual approaches and photographic styles that will resonate with your audience and align with your brand’s vision. Of all things, remember one of the most important things to establish is good content curation habits and stick by them. If featuring someone’s else content, be sure to credit them to avoid a DMCA injunction. Let’s take a deeper dive into how your content contributes to your brand’s growth...


4.    Content

Next, develop the connection between your content and brand story. Your brand’s content should promote a specific feeling that evokes your audience to share your work. Now, you shouldn’t expect these results right away. You will have to create different types of content to test out and see what people are responding to the most. Strive to create mesmerizing content that entertains and inspires your followers while delivering your brand’s message and story simultaneously. Often, you will find that your audience responds better to a picturesque vision of your product than a direct advertisement.


5.    Consistency

Consistency is crucial! It is the most important part of growing your brand and will determine whether or not your brand thrives or fails. By perfecting your curation habits and striving to remain consistent, your brand will not only establish itself in the Instagram community, but stand out!


6.    Collaborations & Strategic Partnerships

Instagram is a very active community; therefore, it is crucial that your brand connects with influencers and brands alike that align with your brand's story. By building a mutual or strategic partnership you can give you brand much more exposure and grow organically.


7.    Keep It Fun

Remember what your brand represents and why you started it. Create a fun and playful space for your audience to enjoy and engage with your brand and you will be charting your course to Instagram success!


Here a Bloom Social, we understand that social media is an ever-changing landscape in which brands need strong marketing tactics implemented in order to thrive. However, if done correctly brands can reap the rewards for a lifetime. If you still have questions don’t be afraid to reach out to us! After all, it’s our passion to make brands like yours BLOOM!

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