March 5, 2018


Marketing on Facebook can be a painstaking and time-consuming process. There are frequent changes requiring you to stay on your toes at all times in order to make sure you are still getting the best out of Facebook and its marketing tools.


However, if you have been in the marketing realm for any length of time, this is a worthwhile endeavor. After all, up to 75% of American men and 83% of American women have a Facebook account. That is a staggering number, and perhaps even more mind-boggling, 22% of the entire world is on FaceBook!


Facebook marketing has been around forever, and while there are several things you need to do to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of social media, there are also several tenets that have consistently worked no matter how many changes and updates Facebook goes through. These are not so much tips as they are guidelines you should always keep in the back of your mind when making a post or creating an ad campaign.


    1. Be Unique

When starting a campaign or boosting a post, it is important to remember you are not the only advertisement your market will see. Combine this with all the other media and clutter on most people’s newsfeeds and you can see how easy it is to get lost in the crowd. This makes it important to differentiate your advertisements and/or posts.


In order to differentiate your content, consider using bold designs and color schemes. Use original images instead of generic stock ones. If your ad contains a video, make sure the thumbnail (picture that appears before your video starts playing) is something that catches the eye as well.


Remember, the goal is to stand out, so if your ads are under-performing or you are seeing a dip in engagement, don’t be afraid to switch it up! Be bold and adventurous, and it could pay off handsomely. Check this article to see how to adjust after identifying an under-performing post.

    2. Rotation

Making your ads stand out is a good first step, and very important in catching the eye of a potential consumer. However, another part of making your company stand out is variety. If you are pushing out the same ad to your target market over and over and over again, they will get bored, and possibly even annoyed. We all have that commercial on television or a song on the radio we absolutely despise through sheer repetitiveness, and sometimes it can make you have a negative view of the company or artist even if they have a good product or song!


In order to keep things fresh and your target market engaged, it is extremely important you have a rotation of different posts in your campaign. Switch it up between images, videos, and articles and don’t get pigeonholed into “your favorite” advertisement.


When pushing a lengthy ad campaign spanning several months, we recommend injecting new content every 2 weeks or so. This will keep your campaign lively and engaging. You can also replace some of the ads you may have noticed are lagging for whatever reason. This “cycling” helps your customers keep their interest and not get bored.


You should have at least 3 unique ads in your arsenal at any given time so as not to have a stale campaign. As long as you are not putting out the same exact ads every day and week, your customers should be responsive to your campaign.

    3. Track and Adapt

So you’ve spent hours with your graphic designer, emailing back and forth, countless drafts and sleepless nights to get your advertisement just right until you click that post button. We hate to break it to you, but your shift isn’t over quite yet! Half the battle when launching an ad campaign is observing how it does and being able to adapt and make changes as necessary.


In order to track the performance of your ads or posts, you must have a goal in mind. For example, before your post, ask yourself what the main purpose of your campaign is. Is it to gain followers? Lead traffic back to your website? Garner views on a new video? Once you know what you are measuring, analytics are your best friend. An added bonus is when accurately describing your specific goal to the Facebook marketing platform, the algorithm will adapt to your needs and perform optimally for your goals.


If you want to increase revenue through your marketing campaign, track your sales numbers within the time period you started the campaign. If you want to increase traffic to your website keep an eye on metrics pertaining to your website such as bounce rate, return visitor numbers, newsletter sign ups and backlink click throughs.


    4. Value Proposition

When you advertise it is important to make sure your audience is receiving or at least understanding the value of your product or service.


Every good advertisement has two things -- a call to action and an incentive for that call to action. For example, if you have a new product that may not be popular on Facebook quite yet, you may need an incentive to get people to try your product. A discount code, or perhaps a free trial can do wonders on the consumer psyche. People like to get a good deal, and any little bit you help them out helps you out as well.


It is important to also make sure your value proposition is easily discernible. You may think you are providing value to your audience, but put yourself in their shoes. It is not enough to have a good product, they have to understand why they should buy or use it. If you can put yourself in the shoes of your typical customer and would not click on your own ad, you have some tweaking to do!

    5. Trust Facebook!

Facebook is a very powerful platform, and the desire to tinker and refine your campaigns may be strong at first. This may work when you are running one or two ad campaigns, but when they start to add up, Facebook has features that can save you a lot of time and stress, if you let it!


Automated rules are the first time saver Facebook provides. It allows you to set up automated rules about the campaign you are running including useful features such as:

  • Receive notifications when important milestones have been met

  • Turn your campaign on or off, or even an individual ad within your campaign

  • Change your advertising budget or manual bidding automatically based on metrics you specify


These automated rules can help you stay on top of your ads so that you are not overwhelmed when managing multiple ad sets or campaigns. For instance, ask Facebook to automatically decrease the budget for a low-performing ad set while increasing the daily spending of a successful ad set. A strategy like this will maximize your efficiency and will save you money and increase the effectiveness of your ad sets.

Marketing on Facebook is a daunting task! Making posts, keeping track of said posts, adjusting to your audience’s reaction and making useful inferences from your analytics can be stressful. For such a tumultuous task, consistency and fundamentals are key, which is where these 5 tips come in handy. Facebook may change its algorithm without letting you know, but these are 5 things you can do right now that will be successful regardless of algorithm.

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