May 30, 2018


Social Media is a great place for a business to share its brand and back story with the world! While brands are often able to attract the attention of millions of people, they sometimes lack the expertise towards the next steps in conversion. After all, the end goal for just about every business is conversions. So, what are some characteristics of a great call to action (CTA)?

-      Very direct.

-      Highly authoritative.

-      Quick, timely, and succinct.

-      Energetic

-      Compelling enough to elicit an immediate response.


As you can see, a company needs to take on the role of commanding its audience effectively in order to achieve optimal results. Let’s delve into this subject below with seven tips we feel will increase your engagement and conversions with your audience in no time.


1.    Make Your CTA Benefits Clear & Concise

When making a call to action on social media, one must utilize the little time and space available you have to make an impact. Therefore, it is your job to be as clear and concise as possible when generating one. Leave little room for error by making absolutely sure your call to action both accurately and succinctly tells the audience why they should take action. Remember, you must give your audience an obvious reason to click, comment, or share!


2.    Generate Urgency Right Out Of The Gates

Understand that people do not want to miss out on a deal and by harnessing this sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), a brand can actually capitalize. Urgency is a psychological trigger. For this reason, when you use an action-inducing emotion in your call to action you will be able to elicit a desired response.

For example:

o  “Sign up for my course.”

o  “Don’t wait! Sign up for my one-of-a-kind course today!"


Can you spot the difference between the two examples?

Or, in better terms, can you feel the difference?

When your audience feels the genuine urgency (and exclusivity) of the action you’re requesting, they’re more likely follow through on your CTA’s invitation.


3.    Everyone Loves “FREE”

It doesn’t matter if you are made of money or broke as a joke; everyone enjoys a good deal! Utilize “25% Off”, “50% Off” and even “75% Off” to get your audience’s attention; however, if you want a real response you may want to use the highly revered word “FREE”.

Bonus Tip: Don’t just add the attention-grabbing term in your CTA, apply it in a way that makes it stand out. Make it larger, emboldened, italicized or underlined; however you do it, make it stand out!


4.    Simplicity Is Key: Ask For Action

It may seem like you are asking a lot from your audience, but we believe this is one of the most important tips on this list. Why? The simplicity and effectiveness are bewildering. Don’t make this hard, keep it simple…

CTA stands for:

o  Call

o  To

o  Action


Study that last word closely, it matters the most. Oftentimes a business will list its products and services, but never gives its audience the opportunity to ACT. You can make this painstakingly clear with command verbs such as:

o  “Download”

o  “Share”

o  “Comment”

o  “Like”

o  “Click”

If you want something, all you have to do is ask. Add this simple tip to you marketing strategy and you will be surprised at how well it works!


5.    Header Image CTA Is The Name Of The Game

Although they are not utilizable across every social network, many do allow users to feature a banner image on their profile (i.e. – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). Most companies view this as an opportunity to upload a large, high-quality image, when in fact they should be using this prime real estate for high-conversion CTAs. Utilize boxes, arrows, thumbnails, colors, circles… whatever it takes to capture the eye’s attention and get that conversion!


6.    Ignite Conversation By Placing CTAs Within Post Images

Utilizing header images is a creative way to call potential customers to action, but there is an even more effective method (whilst still pleasing the eye): CTAs within your every day social posting. You can, of course, include your CTA in your caption, but let’s take this up a notch by supplying a visual aid as well. Boasting 800 million active users, Instagram (known for its visual formatting) should be utilized in the most effective way possible – a visually pleasing CTA graphic! Yes, this may take more time to create, but the results can be substantially greater.


7.    Humanize Your Brand

Keep in mind how important it is to include your own personality in your social CTAs. Social media is meant to create REAL relationships; so, in order to achieve the most out of your CTA strategy, you must be unique and be YOURSELF!


All in all…

Developing the perfect storm for social media conversions can be difficult, however, if you follow these 7 tips you will be turning over numbers in no time. Remember, your effectiveness relies on how well you convey your message! For further instruction on how to increase your conversions don’t hesitate you contact us!

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